it[colos]AG is a service provider with international experience and your partner to provide you with a highly qualified team for advancing and optimizing your business.


Since 1998, we not only implement overall and multi-project planning for our customers in over 20 countries worldwide, but we also implement defined, particularly critical project phases by providing audits or assistance directly where it’s needed.


From filling in while a colleague is on vacation to consulting, and all the way to crisis management or interim management – let your business benefit from our experience through the services offered at it[colos]AG.




      it[colos] Strategy and Management Consulting




Whether working in the industry or at our teaching positions at universities, we have observed a common trend: a rigorous strategy is required to define meaningful goals and achieve them.

Challenge us !


No need to worry: We will challenge you anyway. In terms of a matching, personalized, goal-oriented and mainly integrated strategy for your logistics.


Minimum period of deployment: 1 day. You will be surprised by what we can achieve together.


      it[colos] Consulting, Implementation & Coaching

This is our classic consulting business, which especially stands out on the market since we produce the perfect solution for you with foresight and spirit.


It’s safe to assume that we will answer your questions, and what’s more:


We will answer many of the questions
you have not even asked yet!


And we will implement it all perfectly, following the standards, in an easy-to-service manner, while guaranteeing its sustainability and sound strategic logic.


We have recently retrofitted a warehouse that we had implemented and built ourselves in 1998.


Time flies. The quality remains. We thank our customers for their loyalty.